Our favorite recent glass block window installations

Garage Security in Bayview

Garage windows are a perfect candidate for glass block installations as they protect valuable possessions inside your storage space and often feature prominently on your property. The windows featured here made a particularly strong statement in the backyard of a house in Bayview.

Not only are the cars inside the garage secured against potential intruders, but the glass block windows improve the aesthetics of the entire recreational space.

Downer Ave Bathroom & Closet Windows

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Basement Renovation in Riverwest

Basement windows are our most common type of project and for good reason. Getting rid of old rotting and rusting basement windows in favor of glass block makes a powerful positive impact on your home.

This older house in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood has improved its energy efficiency, security, and aesthetics simply by having our hand-made mortar-built glass block windows installed.


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