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Handmade Mortar-Built
Glass Block Windows

What makes a glass block window so different?


Made with thick impact-resistant glass and durable cement joints, glass block windows provide security from intruders. while allowing natural sunlight into homes and businesses.


Mortar-built glass block windows can last over 30 years, much longer than traditional windows. They have been tested to withstand severe conditions without degrading and require little to no maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

Mortar-built glass block windows are air-tight and rate high on insulation performance, reducing the cost of heating and cooling within homes or buildings.

Experience the difference quality glass block makes

Glass Patterns For Your Home


Wave Glass Block

Traditionally used in basements, wave glass block allows for more natural light in the space while keeping out energy-wasting drafts and uninvited pests. Also Referred to as Nubio Glass Block


Ice Glass Block

Used in bathrooms, ice glass block is designed for maximum privacy. When installing windows in bathrooms and near showers, ice block eliminates rotten wood and potential drafts.

What We’re Made Of

Mortar Vs Silicone

Milwaukee Glass Block prides itself on quality-made glass blocks using mortar as their binding agent instead of what our competitors use: silicone. We choose to use mortar for its tested benefits.

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Questions our customers frequently ask

Depending on the size of the project, our crew can usually finish an installation in the span of a few hours to one business day.

No and no. In the interest of efficiency and since our estimator covers inquiries across Milwaukee county on a daily basis, we don’t schedule exact times for our estimates. Our estimator will typically evaluate a property within a few business days of an estimate request. All of the information we need can usually be recorded from the outside of the building, so no homeowner or property manager has to be present necessarily.

Both, we work from the inside and outside of the window openings simultaneously to be as efficient as possible. We do ask that any obstructions to the windows, inside and outside, be removed before our crew arrives at the property.

Yes, our windows are fitted to accommodate existing cables and pipes and our installation crew has years of experience sealing our windows around them.

Yes, unless otherwise specified, our installation crews will tidily dispose of all your old windows and debris of the demolition during the installation process.

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